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Crystal Powell

Friday, April 1st, 2011
Crystal Powell

Crystal Powell

Crystal Powell

Crystal Powell

Crystal Powell

Born and raised in Fallbrook CA, Crystal Powell finds herself grasping inspiration from everyday life and the crazy things that happen in-between the boring moments.
At 26, she specializes in Surrealist Oil Paintings, carefully mixing each color by hand to create unique, one-of-a-kind hues.
Each new collection jumps off the wall with never seen before color combinations that will stop you in your tracks.
Originally a poet, she spent several years compiling over 300 poems and images. These have become a very personal diary of her adolescent years.
Who doesn’t remember the years of raging hormones, first times, and loves extreme highs and lows? Floods of memories will leave you unable to put her books down.
About 10 years ago, her focus shifted from poetry to working with materials such as Charcoal, India ink, Acrylic & oil paints, ceramics and much more. With a broader knowledge of materials, Crystals art flourished.
Pairing her vision with her concept, she draws you into a world filled with storylines and imagination. They say that a picture can speak a thousand words and Crystal really brings this too life in her conceptual collections.
Sculpture, Large-scale instillations, and Interactive art are just a few forms of expression she has used over the years. Her sculptures range from hand size to life size and always leave to viewer with a few thoughts to ponder.
Large-scale instillation has proven to be a highlight so far in Crystals career. Here she moved the Dean of a local College to tears after she had entered into a collaborative piece, Lost Innocence by Crystal Powell and Tessa Medaris. She emerged from the room with tears streaming down her face and was quoted saying, I never thought I would come here today and be taken back to a place in my childhood that I haven’t been to in years.
Crystal loves that her Interactive Art brings a new element to showing, which is having the viewers involved and handling the art, instead of being too scared to touch it. She often allows viewers to actually create a part of the piece and contribute it to the final product. Letting the viewer take such a large role in the process allows the final product to be a surprise in the end. You never know what you are going to get.
Working closely with Artist Hyacinthe Kuller-Baron and also local companies such as Art Kills Artists and We Love Creativity, Crystal has been bringing her art to the streets of San Diego for years now. You will never know what you will be seeing next but you can guarantee with will leave you with a smile, a new story and an overall enchanting experience.

My American Dream

By: Crystal Powell

I am a competitive, self-helping, consuming individualist.

Who somehow thinks I can help control the environment.

Addicted to life, growth, habit, purpose and recognition.

Too often focusing on compensation, pride, and competition.

I am clinging to a hope that everything I have retained in life,

Comes from truly unbiased and educated, thought out advice.

Yet it’s hard to pinpoint a strategic way out of all this danger.

When all good advice seems muffled by a sea of strangers.

Too quickly I find myself assuming I can judge someone else.

Before taking the first step to really just look upon myself.

Persistence has earned me homeownership, a ticket to the top.

Yet a shared burden and accomplishment is really what I bought.

That “Hominess” feeling inside is what I was looking for it seems.

Yet it has sadly not shown itself in the mist of chasing this dream.

I wonder sometimes if my addictions are tainting my personal sight.

Enticing me to turn a blind eye to some things I thought were right.

If somehow I could just learn to really only practice what I preach.

And try to only do unto others as I have expected them to do to me,

Then maybe I could find some peace from my habits and daily life.

Really hoping to come full circle and finally understand what is right.

I can admit I need help with my existence so I can progress along.

Please just give me a fair change by helping me see what is wrong.