Highway Runaways Fan Art Series (In progress. 3 of 5 completed)

Solo Exhibit at Montgomery Motorcycle Inc.
Acrylic on Canvas

 Drawings by Crystal

When Worlds Collide & May the Darth be with you

Star Wars Fan Art Show
Acrylic on Canvas

Madly in Love & A Little Off the Top

Tim Burton Fan Art Show
Acrylic on Canvas

The Upside Down

A Stranger Things Fan Art Show
Acrylic on Canvas

Would the old you like the new you?

Mario Brothers Themed Art Show
Acrylic on Canvas


Damaged Disney Themed Art Show
Acrylic on Canvas


 The Legend of Korra

Nickeloneon Themed Art Show
Acrylic & Spray Paint on Canvas



27 Club
Obsolete Art Show 
Mixed Media on Records

 Wine Steals Exclusive
Acrylic & Spray Paint on Canvas

Lyrical Stories
Oil on Canvas

Hidden Amongst Aboriginal Art
Acrylic and Spray-paint on Canvas

The Love of a Mad Hatter Series
Oil on canvas

Help Japan Series
Acrylic and Spray Paint on canvas

Paul Caught in the Middle Series
Oil on canvas

Festive Birds Series
Acrylic on canvas

Strike a Pose Animal Style Series
Oil on canvas

Lost in OZ Series
Oil on canvas

Collapsing in Plain Sight Series
Oil on canvas

Indirect Effects Series
Oil Paint on Canvas
All Copyrighted 2008

Small Series 
Mixed Media

Mixed Media on Paper

Life Drawing
Charcoal, Ink and Pencil on heavy drawing paper

Stand Alone Paintings
Oil Paint on Canvas

Film Photography.

 Here Crystal is showing the accessibility of art due to mobile technologies allowing art to be viewed in any environment. Crystal started off by painting juxtaposed images on the bodies of 11 people,  than she developed the film and finally she exposed the images in a darkroom.

Film Photography