Crystal Powell
Surreal Oil Painter and Tattoo Apprentice 
Instagram: indirecteffectsart                              
Facebook: Crystal Powell

       Born and raised in Fallbrook CA, Crystal is a poet at heart but with the bulk of her time she creates drawings and surreal oil paintings.  She specializes in carefully mixing each color by hand to create unique, one-of-a-kind hues. 

        Crystal creates art to spark conversations.  She does not question what people chose to believe in, but she always questions WHY people believe what they believe in. 

       Crystal is inspired by elaborating on hidden stories found within familiar plot lines  and portraying the characters beyond their traditional rolls. Pairing her unique visions with her personal concepts, she draws you into a world filled with story lines and imagination. 

       Working closely with Artist Hyacinthe Kuller-Baron and local companies such as The Infusion Project, Art Kills Artists & We Love Creativity, Crystal has been bringing her art to the streets of San Diego for over a decade  now. You will never know what you will be seeing next from Crystal, but you can guarantee that it will leave you with a smile, a new story and an overall enchanting experience.